Welcome to Drilltechniques, we are proudly an Australian company, dedicated to helping our customers in the drilling industry perform better through cutting edge design, innovation and first class customer service. We have three core business streams including:

1. Sale and rental of drilling equipment

2. Service, maintain and modify hydraulic equipment

3. Design, engineer and build hydraulic equipment

We only sell the highest quality drilling equipment to our customers in Australia and the Pacific Rim forming strategic partnerships and exclusive dealerships with the following world renowned manufacturers:

Comacchio   |   Llamada   |   Tecniwell   |   Toa Tone Sonic   |   Sonic Drill Corporation

Our Design, Engineer and Build business  offers a unique blend of hydraulic equipment engineering and an understanding of drilling and grouting processes that allow us to design and build equipment that improves safety and performance.  We leverage industry experience, technical know-how and modern 3D computer modelling to create unique equipment for our customers. We develop solutions through a complete project management methodology based on PMBoK.

Our Service Maintain and Modify business offers full workshop and field services . We travel all over the APAC region delivering technical expertise and field – based repair or maintenance to foundation and geotechnical drilling equipment, mobile or static hydraulic equipment such as dozers, excavators and loaders. We have the capability of modifying existing equipment that needs to be re-purposed or improved.

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Introducing the Comacchio Drilling Hi-Tech GEO 300. Smaller than the Geo 305 and bigger than the GEO 205, this machine is the perfect combination of power and weight. Drilltechniques will have a new GEO 300 (Stock Machine) on the water next month and we are open for...