A Dedicated and Skilled Team

To deliver unique and successful outcomes, it stands to reason that you need a unique and successful team. The Drilltechniques Team has  evolved over the past ten years  to become a group of individuals that work together to drive our business forward by leveraging their own unique capabilities  and expertise to help our customers succeed  though improved performance outcomes 

Cameron Gaylard



Cameron’s first taste of drilling and drilling equipment was when he worked as a drillers offsider in the Goldfields of Western Australia. Red dirt, long, hot days and hard-work didn’t deter Cameron from an ambition to design and develop beter equipment and processes He set about with a plan to become an innovator and entrepreneur.

Cameron completed his apprenticeship as a Mechanical Fitter, specialising in Hydraulics and Fluid Power Technology in 2004 with Queensland drilling supplies component, service and repair company Pacific Hydraulics before commencing a role with mining and construction company Sandvik. This offered the opportunity to develop skills in the modification design and commissioning of drilling and mining equipment and a great preparation for his next challenge.

n early 2007, Cameron commenced a role with Avopiling as fleet manager for a wide ranger of foundation drilling rigs Australia and auxiliary equipment and it was then that he decided to start his own company. Drilltechniques was founded in 2008.




Chris’s career spans some 32 years across an eclectic range of roles and industry sectors. His experiences in administration, management and human resources contrast starkly the 13 years spent in Western Australia where he worked as an underground miner before completing an adult apprenticeship as a fitter and turner with local company, CPC Engineering.

Chris founded and ran a successful Registered Training Organisation delivering underground and surface inductions, load shifting equipment and company procedures. Chris has worked as a Safety and training officer, roles in domestic and international recruitment and business development.

A previous role with Drilltechniques as National Sales Manager then nearly five years with the Australian Institute of Management has placed Chris perfectly to assume the mantle of APAC Sales & Marketing Manager at the company, a role he commenced in February 2017.

Chris brings to the table a wealth of management and administration skills including a strong understanding of Sales, Marketing, Project and Financial management.

Adel Namehi



Adel is a Materials Engineer with professional experience in NDT Inspection and mineral processing, Adel has strong analytical and problem solving skills. Adel’s professional capabilities include:

• Extensive knowledge of Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing

• Strong academic experience in metallurgical laboratories

• Expert in Computer Simulation and computer aided design specially using SolidWorks, ANSYS Fluent, and Comsol Multiphysics

Adel leads our engineering team and plays a significant role in the design and development of our in-house manufacturing. Adel and his team build all of our projects in Solidworks and he is also responsible for procurement and is a key member of the manufacturing team.

Jennifer Harding



Jennifer is one of the most valuable members of our team. She has competently performed the role of Administration Manager since the organisation was founded in 2008. Jennifer possesses an excellent grasp of Drilltechniques products and services and is often the face of the organisation from the perspective of our customers.

Jennifer has a medical background yet has grown to enjoy the heavy industrial environment and all the characters and challenges that comes with it. Jennifer manages a small team and is instrumental in the company’s HR, financlial management, marketing and general administration functions.

With such an in-depth knowledge of the business, Jennifer is our go-to person for most things but in particular parts, logistics, health and safety as well as allother aspects of HR in the business.

Ian Dawes



Ian has been a big part of the team here at Drilltechniques for a considerable time. His technical skills and innovative approach to complex problems has helped the design process and played a big part in the development of robust, efficient components. Ian is a skilled operator of the CNC equipment including our lathes and machining centres.

Oh, and his partner makes us fantastic cakes for morning tea…

Shaun Westphaul



Shaun is an amazing tradesperson, no other way to describe it. If fabrication were an art form, he would be a master! Shaun’s consistently high-quality work is only exceeded by his loyalty and devotion to Drilltechniques.

In a fabrication environment, an engineering company is often defined by the quality of the welds that hold components together.

Our work is consistently tested by approved NDT and other means. In all cases where Shaun’s work has been assessed, we get glowing reports that are happily passed on to the customer.

Shaun Westphaul

Phil Dolan


A young(ish) man of many talents, none the least of which is his banter in the smoko room.

Seriously though, Phil has established himself as an invaluable member of our team through his diligent approach to work and the multi-trade capabilities he has demonstrated in the manufacturing and production side of our business.

We are fortunate to have Phil onboard as he provides great support to Shaun in the fabrication shop as well as playing a part in the final assembly team.

We can also call on Phil for general fitting, repairs and maintenance.

Shaun Westphaul

John Rigby-George


John joined Drilltechniques as an adult apprentice who has always shown the kind of dedication and loyalty to the business and his trade that has seen him develop into a valuable asset for the business. 

Always keen to learn and further develop his skills, he has navigated the often complex and difficult path to achieving competency in the manufacturing of many of our high quality products. He has achieved high levels of skill on the lathe and under Tim’s guidance will achieve his goals on the CNC systems in the workshop as well. 

Drilltechniques is proudly an Australian company. We have structured our business and operate in accordance with ISO 9001. Drilltechniques has commenced the journey with our partners IMSM, leading ISO specialists to achieve endorsement under the provisional certificate No AU 1741