Since entering the Australian Exploration Drilling market in 2011, Comacchio have come a long way adapting their geotechnical drilling rigs to suit Australia conditions and mining industry standards. Together we have built a range of machines that meet compliance requirements, with rigs that drill deeper, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Rod handling innovations and simply genius hydraulic systems make these machines all class.

GEO 305 EX



GEO 405 EX



GEO 602 EX



GEO 900 EX



GEO 901 EX







Comacchio’s EX line includes a range of crawler and truck mounted drilling rigs designed specifically for the mining industry. Comacchio has implemented its many years of technological knowledge and experience in geotechnical engineering to create a specific line of drilling rigs that combine compact size and high productivity. These rigs can be used to perform continuous core drilling to great depths with wire line techniques as well as rotary drilling with reverse circulation and DTH.
Each drilling rig also offers several customization options thanks to a large number of available accessories such as water and mud pumps, duplex and triplex pumps, centrifugal pumps, DTH lubricators, wire line winches and many others.
The machines of the EX line are known for reliability, high productivity and robustness and are able to operate in the most challenging environments, adapting perfectly to many different geotechnical drilling areas.