Whether you need to rent a geotechnical drilling rig or a foundation rig including bored piers or anchoring -we’ve got you covered.


GM1 Manual Grouting Plant
GM1 Manual Grouting Plant

Drilltechniques GM1 Manual Grouting Plant

  • 1-1.5 m3/h maximum mixing capacity (with water/cement ratio = 1:1)
    Mixing tank capacity: 150 litres (Turbo mix pump, open impeller type (700 l/min max. delivery @ 1 Bar) hydraulically driven
  • Includes bag breaker and hopper mounted on the side of the mixing tank
  • Transfer of the mixture is via a hydraulic tipping function into the agitator tank
  • Cleaning via hydraulically driven pressure cleaner and bottom clean-out plug
  • Agitator tank capacity: 300 litres (Vertical shaft, hydraulically driven, with 4 level steel blades)
  • Grout Pump: Mono C14B screw pump (Hydraulically driven), Progressive cavity screw pump:
  • Max flow rate 100 l/min, max pressure 12.0 bar
  • Sound abated hydraulic power pack –DIESEL 17 Kw
  • Approximate weight: 1,300kg
Comacchio CH 450 CPD Bored Pier Piling Rig

Comacchio CH 450 CPD Bored Pier Piling Rig

Available for short or long-term rental (dry hire)

The CH 450 is the first Comacchio drilling rig for large diameter drilling. The CH 450 is the ideal solution for job sites that require fast operating times. The machine is totally self-erecting, and can be transported in one piece with the kelly mounted. Once in place, the machine is easily downloaded from the truck and set up without the need for crane service. Lifting of the mast takes a few minutes and can be performed in complete safety.

The CH 450 is designed to cover a wide range of processes that include bored piles, continuous flight auger (CFA piles), micropiles, displacement piles and soil mixing. The machine can be supplied in the CPD (cylinder pulldown) and WPD (winch pulldown) versions and can be equipped with kelly bars with a maximum length of 13.0 to 13.5 m (CPD-WPD) and with different outer diameters, including HD (heavy duty) and XHD (extra heavy duty) bars.

Drilltechniques offer a range of high quality foundation drilling equipment for short or long-term rental. Please feel free to contact our Rental Manager: Chris Logan on Mb: +61 448 009 304 or email

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