Drilltechniques uniquely designed and Australian made combination units: the D60E (soil mixing) excavator attachment and the GM8 grout mixing and injection plant has undergone final testing at our Brendale HQ.
The D60E offer a 6m feed stroke and a rotary head that can deliver up to 23,500Nm of torque into the soil mixing tool. When coupled with the GM8 grouting plant that offers up to 8m3 per hour of grout to the solimixing process, the combination of the two pieces of equipment are a powerful and efficient design.
All equipment is controlled from a single radio remote with digital displays on both the grouting unit and inside the cab of the excavator. The mixing parameters can be programed into the Canbus interface and the unit can mix in automatic or manual mode.
This equipment represents technologically advanced foundation design that is quickly being adopted by Geotechnical Engineers everywhere. For more information contact Christopher Logan
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