Introducing the Comacchio Drilling Hi-Tech GEO 300. Smaller than the Geo 305 and bigger than the GEO 205, this machine is the perfect combination of power and weight. Drilltechniques will have a new GEO 300 (Stock Machine) on the water next month and we are open for enquiries to purchase this rig.
By way of features, the GEO 300 we have on the way offers: 5 tonnes of feed/retract force, a high torque/high speed rotary, DPP Capability, Hydraulic Auto SPT, Wire-line winch, Casing extractor cylinders (9.6 tonnes extraction force) and a water pump.

For more information please contact our sales team:
Troy (Sales Executive): Mb +61 417 808 108 or Em: [email protected]
Christopher (APAC Sales & Marketing manager): Mb +61 448 009 304 or Em: [email protected]

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