A unique Australian company developing unique products and services for complex and rapidly evolving industries

Expertise Driving Performance

Drilltechniques delivers systems, components, drill rigs Australia and other specialised plant to meet job site challenges. With commitment, professionalism and enthusiasm, we apply our expertise and, we deliver on our promise: To improve the performance of your equipment, your people and your business.

Our Company History

From early beginnings in 2008, with one service truck and a will to succeed, Drilltechniques started in the market as an expert in hydraulics and mechanics, focused only on the foundation drilling sector. Its founder, Cameron Gaylard and his wife and strongest supporter, Jennifer, worked tirelessly to build a reputation and a business that leveraged Cameron’s skill and expertise as a tradesman and innovator.

Those early endeavours led the organisation along a path of development that ebbed and flowed with the boom and bust nature of mining and construction in Brisbane. With a keen mind for fluid engineering and materials, Cameron set about identifying ways to improve performance through the design and manufacture of uniquely innovative products used in the drilling industry and more broadly across the mining and construction sectors.

Time would see Drilltechniques form breakthrough partnerships with some of the world’s most renowned drilling equipment specialists, companies like Italy’s Comacchio and Tecniwell, Japan’s Toa Tone and the Canada’s Sonic Drill Corporation.

Today, Drilltechniques is a business transformed, its three primary business streams deliver products and services around the Pacific Rim. We are proud of the fact that there are now more than 100 Comacchio’s in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands north of Australia. 

Equally we are proud of introducing Tecniwell Jet Grouting products into Australia and the increasingly popular Sonic Drilling Rigs heads that continue to make an impact on geotechnical and exploration drilling rig.

All the while, through its other two business streams, Drilltechniques has stayed true to its early beginnings and continues to design, develop and manufacture a wide range of products that are used across those broad sectors of Construction and Mining as well as an expanded servicing, maintenance and modification business that today is not confined to just servicing drilling equipment, but fitting and component manufacture work such as cylinder and component replacement on all hydraulic equipment including excavators, dozers, loaders, graders and scrapers.

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Drill techniques
Drilltechniques is proudly an Australian company. We have structured our business and operate in accordance with ISO 9001. Drilltechniques has commenced the journey with our partners IMSM, leading ISO specialists to achieve endorsement under the provisional certificate No AU 1741